What is the ABC of Crossfit?

Have you ever heard of Crossfit? Most likely. Pay attention to its ABC, as it contains a series of terms that can be a bit complicated. Get ready to enter the world of Crossfit!

At its origins, crossfit aimed to strengthen members of the armed forces and firefighters physically. For this reason, this type of training is based on high-intensity exercises that engage the whole body. Knowing the ABCs of Crossfit is necessary before fully immersing yourself in this training method.

Crossfit is a brand created by Greg Glassman, and coaches who wish to teach his method must have a specialized license. Over time, this discipline has become a means of training for technical people, many lovers of the fitness world, and even amateur athletes.

ABCs of Crossfit


If Crossfit catches your eye, but you decide to try it, there are some things you should learn. When you are inside where this discipline is practised, the trainers will use terms you have never heard before.

It’s part of the ABCs of Crossfit, a series of common everyday words for everyone involved in this training. The idea is to soak up the subject and learn, little by little, everything related to it.


The primary term for understanding the ABCs of Crossfit is the word itself. The concept indicates a training method consisting of high-intensity exercises and movements of large body segments.

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In addition, it focuses on the combination of disciplines such as gymnastics, weightlifting and metabolic training, known by its acronym in English HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training ).


“ You have to go to a box to train ”. Undoubtedly, it may cause you a bit of confusion to hear this phrase spoken to you. The truth is that it refers to where the workout routine should be done.

The box is the specialized place where coaches carry out their training programs. There, there is also specialized equipment to exercise correctly.

Workout of the day (Wod)

Better known as Wod, this term thus refers to the working day at the ABC of Crossfit. Each time a routine will be performed per day, it will be called so.


Moreover, in the Wod, there are others named as follows:

  • Fran: It’s a combination of two exercises, thrusters and pull-ups. These should be done in three decreasing sets, one of 21, 15, and 9 reps.
  • Tabata: this is one of the most intense Wods in Crossfit. It focuses on performing exercises for 20 seconds, with 10 seconds of rest between each set.
  • Cindy: This routine consists of a maximum of 20 minutes to perform as many sets of pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as possible. Each exercise consists of 5, 10 and 15 repetitions, respectively.

Rehearsals or props

ABC of Crossfit

The ABC of Crossfit also has its own words for certain accessories or repetitions. Here are some of the most heard in theatres.

  • Dumbell: dumbbell.
  • Kettlebell: Giverny.
  • Row: rower.
  • AMRAP: the maximum number of repetitions or rounds possible (as many repetitions as possible).
  • EMOM stands for Every Minute on the Minute. This means that a certain number of repetitions are performed within a minute. You rest at the end of the repeats until a new minute begins, and the cycle starts again.
  • Rm: maximum repetition.
  • No Rep: invalid repetition.
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Benefits of Crossfit

Benefits of Crossfit

Although it is considered a complex training method with several contraindications, Crossfit has significant advantages.

First, it is a way to train without falling into monotony, thanks to many variations of its exercises. It also brings a strong motivation due to its instructors and group discipline, reinforcing the desire to improve the participants.

On the other hand, it has a vital component of functional and intense exercises. These can thus promote achieving the objectives you are looking for around your body.

Did you already know the ABCs of Crossfit?

workout Crossfit

Whatever training method you decide to practice, you should always be prepared. Of course, you won’t know everything at first, but you can get an idea of ​​what you will do.

This is ultimately the purpose of the ABCs of Crossfit, soak up some terms. Now that you know it, finds a coach and get on your way to healthy living!