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3 exercises with elastic band for the triceps

exercises with elastic band for the triceps

Elastic band exercises for the triceps are a valuable alternative for working out the arms due to the resistance the band’s material offers.
You also only need your strength to execute them. You don’t need any particular place, so your house, a park, or any other place will serve you.

Elastic bands are characterized by their material, which stretches considerably and at the same time generates a specific resistance. They are, therefore, widely used in muscle-building and toning exercises.

As for the brachial triceps, there is a series of exercises to perform with the band to stimulate the back of the arm. We will show you some of them below.

Exercises with elastic band for triceps

The advantage of exercises with an elastic band for the triceps is that they provide a more fantastic range of joint mobility. They also reduce the likelihood of injury in the area being worked. In addition, they serve to replace a dumbbell of any weight. You only need your body to perform the movement, called calisthenics work.

Triceps Extension Down

Triceps Extension Down

This is one of the most common resistance band exercises for the triceps. To do this, you must first attach the band to a higher place about your position, as shown in the image above in its variant with a pulley. You will then stand before the band and hold it with both hands.

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You can spread your legs shoulder-width apart or adopt an asymmetrical position – one foot in front of the other. It all depends on your comfort. Do not separate your arms from your torso at any time, and lower your forearms as far as possible. Execute the extension and flexion movement with as many repetitions as necessary.

One-handed downward extension

This exercise is the same as the one described above. Therefore, you should adopt the same body position as previously described. However, this time you will do it with one hand.

Place the opposite leg to the arm that will perform the forward movement if you position your legs asymmetrically. For example, if you start the exercise with your right arm, you push your left leg forward. You can thus generate a better balance when performing the movement.
Once you’ve done the number of reps with one arm, do it with the other and switch legs.

Overhead Triceps Extension

Overhead Triceps Extension

For this exercise, you can leave the elastic band in the same place where you attached it. However, the performer’s position varies here: you will place yourself with your back, the front grip being carried out above the head.
The idea is to hold both ends of the elastic band with each hand as close together as possible. The starting position of the legs can be asymmetrical or shoulder-width apart. It will help if you extend your arms forward and up as many times as you feel necessary.

Muscle contraction as a supporting element

The movements should be accompanied by voluntary contractions of the other muscle groups to perform exercises with an elastic band for the triceps. In other words, contract the abdominal muscles, the pectorals, and the back to support said stimulation.
Besides stimulation, muscle contraction can also help you maintain a posture to avoid the risk of injury or sudden movement.

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Exercises with elastic band under the supervision and with safe elements

As with any other exercise, resistance band exercises for the triceps require careful planning and proper supervision. Therefore, we advise you to turn to a training professional who knows routines with rubber bands to assess you and help you design one according to your needs and goals.
In addition, it is also necessary to perform the exercises with suitable elastic bands. Obtain these items from certified stores or ask your trainer if they are used to carry out your routine.

Finally, remember that exercises require discipline, structure, and adequate resting areas. Supplement physical activity with healthy habits for better results!