Cross-training for Better Strength & Endurance

Cross-training for Better Strength & Endurance

Cross-training is a series of exercises to increase your strength and endurance. Cross-training is best used on a treadmill or similar surface and engages the muscles that support your upper body, including the core and back.
The main exercises are a combination of running and walking, jumping, rowing, cycling, and swimming.

Here is a small glossary of the exercises most used during WODs in Crosstraining.

Cross Training Exercises

Cross-training exercices


It is an exercise as simple as its name. Like the air guitar, the air squat is a squat… without a bar! But that doesn’t make it ineffective because each rep engages your quads, glutes, and fitness.


This is a quadruped exercise. The goal is to move by advancing the knees at the level of the bust, keeping the latter parallel to the ground and straight. This exercise is excellent for increasing your cardio-respiratory performance and mobility at the hip joint.


The barbell thrusters are an exciting polyarticular exercise. It allows you to work your quadriceps and cladding in the same session by performing a front squat (see below) and a shoulder press. This last movement step makes it possible to target the shoulders well.


Certainly one of the most famous exercises in the gyms. The bench press, or bench press, helps develop your pecs and triceps. It can be performed on a bench or on the ground, with a bar, Olympic, dumbbells, or even kettlebells.

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Do you want to increase your cardio-respiratory capacity and your explosiveness? The box jump, which consists of jumping on a more or less large box, is the exercise for you!


This exercise is very famous in Crossraining rooms. It combines a squat, a cladding, a pushup, and a vertical jump. A variant is the Burpull, which consists of performing a pull-up after the vertical jump at the end of the movement.


This weightlifting exercise is a must for anyone looking to increase their strength, power, and muscle mass. It combines a deadlift, a front squat, and a shoulder press.


The deadlift is a staple in back training. It allows you to develop your power and strengthen the entire posterior chain. In bodybuilding, this exercise is a must to optimize sessions for the back muscles.


This bodyweight exercise helps develop the pectorals and triceps in general. It consists of a kind of pump standing between two raised supports.


Are you a fan of Rocky Balboa and his double jump rope? Learn double under, and Rocky will soon be your fan! Because during a “double under,” the rope passes twice under your feet with each jump.


Bar resting on the collarbones, the movement consists of flexion of the thighs, keeping the bust straight. This exercise works mainly on the thighs and buttocks, depending on the inclination of your bust. Its variant is the back squat, the bar resting on the trapezius.


It’s a pushup… doing a headstand! Excellent movement for those wishing to develop their explosiveness and the strength of their shoulders.


This movement consists of lying on your back, knees bent, and feet on the ground. Then raise the pelvis keeping the top of the bust on the ground and the buttocks contracted. This movement primarily works the glutes and can be done with a barbell.

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Lying on your back, arms outstretched on the ground above your head, this movement consists of working on the sheathing of your abdominal strap. All you have to do is raise your upper and lower limbs a few centimeters simultaneously to create an angle conducive to the contraction of your abdominals.


Take a Kettle Bell that you will grip with both hands. Try to swing it as high as possible in front of you by keeping it in your hand and rocking it back and forth between your flexed thighs. Be sure to keep your torso straight and push forward with your pelvis.


Clinging to a traction bar, the exercise consists of rolling up your pelvis to bring your knees toward your elbows. It mainly solicits the abdominal strap and the hip flexors. This exercise is also called the “toes to bar.”


Lunges are excellent for those who want to develop their thighs, glutes, and cardio-respiratory capacities. They consist of stepping forward with one foot and bending the leg so that the knee of the leg that remains behind touches the ground.


The Muscle Up is an essential exercise for sports halls on social networks. It mixes both pull-ups on the high bar and dips. Excellent for developing your back, your coordination, and your arms.


The overhead squat is a simple squat performed with the bar overhead rather than resting on the collar bones or traps. It allows you to develop your balance and cladding more than a simple squat, but it requires impeccable technique.


A complex joint movement resembles a deadlift, with the difference that the bar must then be brought to the collarbones. It, therefore, allows you to develop your back in general but also your deep sheathing.

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This is a squat performed on one leg. Particularly effective for developing your quadriceps if you are powerful enough to achieve it.


Pull-ups are simply pull-ups with a fixed bar. Essential exercise to develop your back muscles.


Were you the pushup star in college? You, therefore, perfectly master this movement which allows you to develop, like the bench press, your pectorals, and your triceps.


Bar resting on the upper chest, the goal is to give a slight push by bending the thighs to bring the bar above the head, arms outstretched.


Tarzan fan? It’s up to you to try your hand at rope climbing! Excellent for developing your grip but also your coordination.


The sumo deadlift is a deadlift with the particularity of the position of the feet. These are further apart than on the traditional deadlift. This, therefore, generates a lower amplitude and different muscle recruitment. You will use your adductors more than on a traditional deadlift.


The squat is a polyarticular movement allowing you to develop your legs as a whole, the sheathing of your back, and your abdominal strap. Done well; it builds your strength and explosiveness. It is simply a question of flexing the thighs with a load resting on the clavicles or the trapezius muscles.


This exercise is excellent for developing your shoulders. Sitting or standing, with a barbell or dumbbell, you must develop the load above your head by stretching your arms on the same axis as your chest.


This movement consists of passing the bar from the ground above your head through several phases. A deadlift with hands wide apart, rest in a low position, then a snatch. Weightlifting movement.


In a low squat position, with a medicine ball in hand, straighten your legs so that you have enough momentum to throw the ball over your head with your arms straight. Catch it and start over. This exercise is excellent for developing your cardio-respiratory system.