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11 tips for not leaving the gym after a month

11 tips for not leaving the gym after a month

At the gym, you should establish an exercise program, wear comfortable clothes, stay hydrated and learn to have fun.

Maybe this has happened to you before: you join the gym, you buy brand new equipment, you improve your diet and you even start thinking about your daily routines. You diet and exercise. But after 15 days, you’ve had enough!

The motivation for the first few days has waned and for some reason you are starting to feel that the routine you had planned for the week is no longer so important.

If you’re concerned, take note of these 11 smart tips that will help you make everyday exercise an important part of your life.

Tips for not giving up on the gym after a month

Develop a work plan

1. What do you want to accomplish?

It is essential to set goals for yourself. So ask your instructor to help you achieve these goals with a workout plan that’s right for you. And that takes into account your age, your physical condition and your goals.

It would help if you also established a schedule with the exercises to do, the frequency, your weight at the beginning and how long the check of your weight will take.

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All of this will serve as a tool to assess your progress and help you assess the changes taking place in your body.

Have fun

Remember that everything you do is for your benefit. Just because you put more weight on the machines doesn’t mean you’ll reach your goals faster.

Also, learn to recognize when pain is a symptom of injury, and you will avoid hurting yourself. Exercise regularly and gently so you don’t experience it as a chore.

 Wear comfortable clothes

Some researchers claim that red sportswear contributes to athletic success. Glow-in-the-dark colours are also in vogue, so they can also be a good choice.

Beyond these aspects of clothing, it is essential to avoid exercising with clothes that are too tight, as they prevent natural perspiration. Waterproof clothing or girdles aren’t suitable, so leave them at home.

Go to the room closest to you

Go to the gym closest to your home. Because the closer you get, the fewer excuses you’ll have for not going.

Try to walk there whenever you can because it will help warm up your muscles and do cardiovascular exercise simultaneously.

Create a positive environment

Music is a great motivator, so choose your favourite music. A positive environment in your gym is half the battle won.

Take a three-month subscription.

Once your money is committed, you will feel involved so that you have invested for nothing. Consider this money as an expense which, with your effort, will become an investment and give you positive results.

Develop a work plan

Define your routine, how many times a day you will train, when and what you will do. This will prevent you from getting lost when you arrive at the gym, and you will feel the need to go there every day.

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Your plan should include a warm-up session of about 10 to 15 minutes, followed by strength training and moderate-intensity cardiovascular exercises.

By following the correct order of your exercises, you will avoid injuries, optimize your time and achieve the desired results.

Don’t take third-party advice

Advice from people who have learned the technique may be wrong for you. Tips can help, but nothing beats recommendations from a personal trainer.

Maintain Adequate Hydration

Be aware of your hydration before, during, and after physical activity. If your training program lasts more than an hour or your intensity is high, you should replace liquids with hydrating drinks.

If the exercise session lasts less than an hour and is of moderate intensity, your regular water intake will be sufficient, and you will not need additional input.

 Know your limits

Learn to recognize the symptoms that indicate the need to stop exercising. If you experience chest pain or extreme fatigue, stop exercising immediately and rest for a while.

Allow yourself a bit of fantasy

Give yourself something as a gift, even a little, to reward yourself for your perseverance and motivate you to continue improving your physical appearance and health.