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Turkish get up: what is it and how to do it correctly?

Turkish get up

The turkish get-up is one of the pillars of achieving great goals. It allows you to develop your strength, coordination and body stability to a high level.

The turkish get up is one of the most complex and strength-demanding exercises. It tends to create instability due to the variety of movements, thus also improving endurance and physical agility.

This complexity is accompanied by incredible short- and medium-term results since this exercise strengthen the legs, arms, stomach and torso. In the same way, it works coordination, balance and mobility, becoming an almost perfect combination.

Weightlifting originated over 100 years ago when a group of Turkish wrestlers set out to create a whole-body movement that would prepare young athletes for competition. They sought to increase endurance and flexibility and improve stability and strength.

How do the turkish get up?


This exercise consists of lifting the kettlebell or dumbbell, suitable for the weight you can lift, starting from a lying position and coming up from the floor. It’s best if you start practising without weights to perfect the steps.

The starting posture

On the floor, lying on your stomach, lift the weight with your arm fully extended and perpendicular to the floor, forming a right angle. Also, bend the leg on the same side.

First step

It consists of rolling sideways and lifting the pelvis diagonally with a slight twist. Then You keep your free forearm resting on the ground at 45 degrees from the body (neither too open nor too close to the torso). The hard work begins.

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Second stage

With the elbow of the free arm resting on the floor, you should prevent both shoulders from sinking. It is essential to keep them firm to avoid injuries.

Raise your elbow and lean on your hand. At the same time, you have one leg bent and the other straight because the straight leg should be lifted in the air and then bent, with the knee on the floor. There is a straight line between the hand, the knee you just pressed, and the leg you flexed at the start.

Third step

Keep your back straight, then push off the floor from your hips. With the leg bent from the start, line it up next to the other with the knee on the floor.

Finally, do a vertical stride that propels you upright. Do the entire sequence reverse to return to the starting position on the floor.

The 3 areas involved in turkish get up

How to do the turkish get up

The group of muscles worked in this exercise is significant because the whole body is involved. Among the most relevant regions are the following:

  • Back: throughout the process, pressure is exerted on it. The load we carry above the head connects through the arms and forces the back to resist it. It also develops in the effort made to stabilize the bag properly.
  • Obliques and abdominals are forced to contract or lengthen with each movement to lift the body and maintain the load.
  • Buttocks: the proper functioning of the hips is essential in this exercise. These muscles are critical to floor training: you need to freely rotate your hips internally and externally under the load of the kettlebell.
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The benefits of turkish get up


Keeping the arm still raised with the weight strengthens the shoulders. You also benefit from the hip motion because to perform it properly; you need to be able to move it freely. You gain agility and body power.

This exercise also promotes stability and strength in the pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen muscles. By blocking all positions, the power of the torso is exercised.

In addition, with constant practice, you can improve your balance and control of each phase of the exercise. At first, it may be difficult to maintain harmony in the sum of the executions, but practice will help you improve.

Finally, we recommend that the arm holding the kettlebell or dumbbell be fully stretched throughout the exercise without losing sight of the weight. If you forget to carry this weight in your hands, you can cause a severe accident. It would be best if you stayed focused and attentive.