What sport to get back in shape? Our top 5

What sport to get back in shape Our top 5

To be healthy, physical activity is essential. After prolonged inactivity, you want to start practising a sport again. But which one to choose? Improving your lung capacity, muscle building, and weight loss depend on your goals. We have selected the best sports to get back in shape according to your expectations. Follow the leader!

Fitness, a set of exercises to get back in shape

Fitness, a set of exercises to get back in shape

This term is taken from the English expression “ physical fitness ”, – which can be translated as “physical form”. It is therefore impossible not to place it in 1st position in our ranking. Behind this formula hides a wide variety of individual or collective activities. Based on muscle building, they have several objectives: improve your physical condition, build muscle or maintain your ideal weight. Unlike weight training, which only targets a specific muscle group, fitness works in large areas or the entire body.

Step, abs-glutes, body pump, Zumba, gym: you can practice these different fitness disciplines with a few accessories and generally during sessions led by a coach. Bonus: these exercises can be practised indoors or at home, thanks to online sports applications.

Cardio training, endurance to strengthen your heart

Cardio training

58% of the French population needs to do more sport. Are you part of it? Why not opt ​​for cardio activities? You improve your lung capacity and your breath and increase your heart capacity. To do this, you do a series of moderate-intensity exercises over a relatively long period. There are many activities to choose from:

  • with complex devices, such as walking or running on a treadmill;
  •  with a simple accessory, like the skipping rope.
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If you suffer from joint pain, choose softer sports such as the rowing machine or the elliptical trainer.

 Cardio activities improve blood circulation and increase the body’s energy expenditure. Your muscles become more toned, your silhouette more defined, and you let off steam.

Gentle gymnastics to get back in motion


Getting back in shape doesn’t always rhyme with aches and sweating. The soft gym is ideal for regaining a sporting practice when you have stopped for a long time.

 Based on the breath, these slow practices constitute timeless bubbles in lives at 100 per hour. Whatever its declination (Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, etc.), yoga combines postures and relaxation exercises. The key: relaxation, muscle strengthening and flexibility.

 Accessible to all, Pilates is a perfect sport for pregnant women. It allows you to work the deep muscles thanks to cladding exercises. With regular practice, your posture, balance and tone are improved.

Dance: moving while having fun

Dance is a complete activity that allows you to work on several aspects. It makes you more toned because you use all the muscles of your body. Thanks to the reinforcement of the dorsal muscles and your abdominal strap, it helps to fight back pain. With it, no more heavy legs, thanks to stimulated blood circulation. You also maintain your breath, and it is suitable for the head.

 Dancing is also good for your figure: Latin and African dances require a lot of energy and can help you lose weight. As for the slower dances, they allow you to redefine your silhouette. Your cognitive functions (balance, coordination, memory) will also be put to use.

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Aquatic activities: sculpting in lightness

Aquatic activities

Why not take advantage of the pleasures of water while adding a playful side to it? Many gyms now offer classes that combine the two!

 Aquagym, aqua pilates or aquafitness: You activate your deep muscles by working the submerged body. Without traumatizing your joints or hurting your back, you tone your body and redefine your silhouette thanks to the resistance of the water.

 By varying the accessories used (fins, board, bike), you increase the intensity of your effort: cardio exercise can be moderate or intense.

Top 5 sports to get back in shape effectively

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