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Insanity Workout Program: cardio power and resistance


Cardio Power and resistance Insanity workout is a training method created by Shaun T in a kit of one or more DVDs to help people wishing to lose weight quickly.

For most novices, engaging in a workout called ” workout” doesn’t sound or look nice. It seems insane. 

So why would an aspiring athlete think of doing a crazy workout? Well, those who’ve done it say it’s the best and most challenging fitness training program. Since its launch in 2009, this sports program has been popular worldwide.

What are the cardio power and resistance insanity?

The cardio power and resistance insanity workout is a program in DVD form that can also find in streaming that helps develop cardiovascular endurance, improve muscular endurance, increase power and above all, lose fat weight. This means that it does not emphasize muscle strength. You must increase your protein intake and lift heavy weights to build muscle mass. You don’t need equipment when working out because it’s all a bodyweight training program. 

In addition, the sessions are not just limited to high-intensity exercises. It also includes a diet that helps fuel your fitness exercises and fat loss. Its goal is to ensure you eat enough carbs to improve your endurance.

Additionally, you will need lean protein to help repair your muscles. Doing intense exercise increases your appetite. But it would help if you had a proper diet because one non-recommended snack can render your fitness plan useless. Follow a low-fat diet to maximize the amount of fat you lose while working out.

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Shaun T’s Insanity Workout is an 8-week workout program that requires no equipment or trip to the gym—it’s a complete home workout kit. This involves putting your physique under immense stress for 30 minutes, resting for a few seconds and continuing with the exercises. You’ll be doing resistance and high-intensity aerobic exercise six days a week. The program has two phases. You must complete them within 60 days or depending on the schedule provided.

The first phase, for 4 weeks, includes five workouts. These include sequences that focus on explosive movements (lower body plyometrics), abs, cardio, upper body strength and recovery training. They consist of the most robust cardio plyometric circuit, cardio power and resistance, cardiac recovery and pure cardio.

The second 4-week phase includes four different exercises. They have max interval circuit or HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), max interval plyo, max cardio conditioning, and max recovery.

Every insanity fitness workout starts with a few minutes of warm-up, and you will perform different movements like jumping, jogging, exercises with resistance bands and jumping rope. After the warm-up, you will stretch. While warming up may seem basic, working out is not. If you are not a great sportsman or sportswoman and your physical condition is not optimal, you will suffer from the first few minutes.

Why choose the insanity program?

The effects of the insanity workout program DVD depend on your desired training results or the physical transformation you want. This is a fitness access sports program that consists of offering high-intensity training. The cardio power and resistance program helps burn fat, increase metabolism, and strengthen your heart rate. It primarily promotes weight loss and dryness.

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If your goal is to build muscle, these workouts won’t work.

The success factors of the insanity program 

The evolution before&after the program and the number of calories the body burns during the program will depend on many factors and the number of sports weeks. 

Your current weight will affect the number of calories you burn during the workout. If you weigh 90 kg, you will lose about 100 calories if you exercise for 15 to 20 minutes. If you consider more, your body will need more energy to function. Heavier people will burn more calories doing this exercise than lighter people. The same case applies if you are overweight or have higher muscle mass.

As a person ages, the density and size of their muscles tend to decrease. This means they have more fat which accounts for their total body weight. As such, the number of calories they can burn during training is low due to decreased muscle tissue.

The subject of maximum heart rate and calorie burning in training is complex. If your heart rate is high, the heart will not have enough time to keep up with the exercises. For example, it‘s challenging to go beyond 80% of your maximum heart rate and maintain it for more than a minute. This is only possible if you are an athlete who has conditioned the body for it. The number of calories the body can burn per unit of time will vary greatly.

Suppose you train with a method of 80% of your maximum heart rate, but you can only do it for 60 seconds or 1 minute. This means that if you take your FCM over 300 seconds, it will vary with that of an athlete training for the full 300 seconds. But if you hold your exercises for 300 seconds, you’ll burn more calories if your FCM is between 60 and 70 per cent.

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The cardio power and resistance program for men and women 

If a man and a woman follow the fitness program simultaneously, the man will lose more calories than the woman. Men have lean muscle tissue, which helps them burn more calories than fat. On average, a woman has between 6 and 11% more body fat than a man. The extra fat helps them during pregnancy even if a woman consumes fewer calories.

Part of the training program is to allow the body to rest. Your rest period is critical because it determines how many calories you’ll burn. For example, you will burn about 140 calories per hour and 75 calories by reading or watching television.


Any cardio power and resistancesession or fitness program you start that your body is not used to will positively affect it. Since the body is not accustomed to the physical stimulus of the exercises, it will be forced to change and adapt. If you are not careful, it will decompose by injury. 

When you start your training method, you will see positive changes. But for that to happen, you also have a proper diet.