What is Yoga and its benefits

what is yoga and its benefits

Yoga is a physical practice that focuses on relaxing your body and mind, but it also has an incredible number of benefits. It can improve health, fitness, and well-being. This article will help you explore the benefits of yoga as well as dispel

What is yoga?

Yoga, more than a sport, is a discipline that works with the body but also with the mind. The Eastern tradition is based on the practice of so-called asanas, different postures harmonized with breathing and meditation. These involve a series of stretching or balance exercises and relaxation techniques.
The asanas have different degrees of difficulty, from the most basic indicated for beginners to intermediate positions and other more complex positions suitable for those with more experience in yoga practice.

One of its peculiarities is that it requires a great power of concentration: on the one hand, to do the postures and maintain them for a specific time; on the other, to achieve the mental state of relaxation intended.
In addition to concentration, relaxation, immobility (except in the dynamic mode, in which movement and activity are played), and duration are essential: the objective is not to imitate a specific posture but to maintain balance for as long as necessary.

types of yoga

In practice, there can be more than a hundred types; the so-called nine branches of the yoga tree are usually known as types of yoga. The best-known and most practiced are Bhakti Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Japa Yoga, Raja Yoga, and, for some time now, also Bikram Yoga.

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It has a solid spiritual component: it was born as a way of worshiping God or a guru. It can be accompanied by music, songs, and additional elements.


It is one of the most popular in the West; from it derive other modalities practiced in the western world. Use the body as an instrument to explore the mind and purify both. It is one of the most dynamic and recommended for those trying to reconcile good physical and mental health.

Japa Yoga

Also known as yoga with mantras, it uses certain syllables, words, or phrases that those practicing it must repeat in their minds or pronounce aloud. Its goal is to focus the mind and avoid distractions.

Raj Yoga

It is considered by many to be the most classic type of yoga. It focuses primarily on the development of the mind, and its purpose is to improve concentration.

Bikram Yoga

It is practiced in saunas or rooms conditioned with temperatures similar to those usual in India, which makes it more intense and effective.
Among the other types of yoga practiced in the West, we also find Kundalini Yoga, very spiritual, and even facial yoga that works with the muscles of the face.

what is yoga benefits

 yoga benefits
Yoga would help to understand the body’s functioning, both at the level of muscles and joints, balance and breathing, and mind (with the consequent concentration and relaxation that it entails). The physical field is an opportunity for stretching, flexibility, and mobility. It is also an excellent preventive medicine and one of the exercise options to lose weight or increase muscle mass.

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As there are different levels of difficulty, and as it is a gentle exercise without violent or dangerous movements, it can be practiced by people of all ages and physical conditions. It is normal for the soreness to appear after the first few days, especially if you have not played sports for a while or are not in good physical shape, but they usually disappear after a few weeks as the body adapts. Sessions are usually between an hour and a half; attending approximately three classes per week, its benefits begin to be noticed from the first moments.
In addition, not much material is needed, so it is economical and suitable for practicing anywhere, without the need for instruments or specific locations. Due to these characteristics, in recent years, the number of people who practice it has been growing, so it is not difficult to find schools with a wide range of levels and schedules, private teachers, or even books and videos to learn at your own pace.

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