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how to get back in shape after holidays

Who says summer says: drunken evenings, high-calorie barbecues, sports breaks, and sunbathing sessions… At the start of the school year, getting back in shape is a challenge as complex as that spring and “the front of the jersey.” To be well in your head and in your body at the end of the holidays, here are 10 tips to to get back in shape after holidays !

Focus on an achievable sports goal in the short term

Focus on an achievable sports goal in the short term

The balance sheet at the end of the summer? Do 10 lengths of swimming pool or a hike in Corsica for 2 hours; here is your maximum summer sporting activity. In other words, your body is a little rusty…

The goal? Wake up your muscles gently, and find good cardio… in short, impose a sports routine that will make getting back in shape easy. To keep this new plan without losing motivation, we spot a race or a sporting challenge that looks like us a few months after the recovery. The goal is to go all the way.

The good solution? Register for the Disneyland Paris 10km or half-marathon for a magical recovery:

Find a balanced diet.

balanced diet

The balance sheet at the end of the summer? At best, a lot of tomato mozzarella… At worst, an unfortunate tendency to laziness has transformed your smoothie diet into a pizza/hummus/kebab addiction (and more at 10 pm than at 8 pm).

The goal? Lose the two kilos gained during the summer or feel better and lighter at the start of the school year. For this, we must gently rebalance our diet without depriving ourselves of all summer’s little pleasures.

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The good solution? We start by resuming meals at fixed times. And no more questions about prepared dishes; homemade salads/pies will be ideal. For a smooth recovery, we also try to sit down to eat consciously and not be distracted by the television or the telephone.

Drink water / take a cure without alcohol.

Drink water

The balance sheet at the end of the summer? You have tested the Spritz from all the terraces of this small Italian village where you spent a week. Rosé (or Virgin Mojito for those who don’t drink alcohol) has become your first religion.

The goal? Rediscover the importance of water! To be healthy and lose weight while eliminating toxins, one should consume 1.5 L of water per day and person. So we give ourselves this objective… and it has to last all year.

The good solution? Just for recovery, we impose a cure without alcohol for 1 consecutive month, and we drink a glass of lemon water every morning.

Exit transport one station earlier

Exit transport one station earlier

The balance sheet at the end of the summer? The most extended vacation trip was the one from the house to the swimming pool. And every family “ride” was a grueling proposition to you. Otherwise, the car was your preferred mode of transportation.

The goal? Build muscle using everyday tricks. For those who are not ready to register for the gym, there are other solutions to get back in shape.

The good solution? If you live in the city, get off the metro or bus one station earlier and walk! This will gently improve your tone. The alternative? Forget the elevator and escalator and focus on the stairs (two steps by two is even better!)

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Re-adopt a regular sleep cycle

sleep cycle

The balance sheet at the end of the summer? We chained the sleepless mornings to no end… but we often went to bed at 1 am after the aperitif. The siesta has become a sine qua non for our summer happiness.

The goal? There is no age to have a regular sleep cycle. Try to sleep at least 7 hours each night, respecting a reasonable bedtime. And say goodbye to naps; your lunch break will be associated with relaxation, not sleep.

The good solution? Turn off screens at least an hour before bedtime and keep your bedroom as cool as possible. Your recovery night will then be optimized.

Use your lunch break to get active.

lunch break

The balance sheet at the end of the summer? On vacation, lunch rhymes more with constraint than with a break. Who prepares the salad? Who made the sandwiches? We impose it on ourselves to be able to continue enjoying the sea—the other option: the restaurant, the most comfortable solution in the summer.

The goal? Don’t just go to the canteen to take an hour off work. Use this allotted time to get back into shape gently.

The good solution? Find a gym not far from the office to do 45-minute sessions or exercise on a gym ball in front of your computer.


Opt for a practical sports accessory: jump rope

jump rope

The balance sheet at the end of the summer? The only sporting accessory possibly used was a racket (beach or ping pong). Your wrist is, therefore, properly muscled; congratulations.

The goal? Find a practical and inexpensive accessory that will boost your daily fitness if it can fit in a suitcase or bag even better.

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The good solution? Jumping rope! This accessory is the solution to everything for a shopper in any sports equipment store. It helps improve your cardio and build your legs and abs. We do it 20 minutes a day!

keep sunbathing

keep sunbathing

The balance sheet at the end of the summer? With a top tan (unless you’ve been away in Brittany for too long) and exposure to almost constant light… your complexion is more radiant than ever.

The goal? Discovering that the benefits of light and sun are good to take all year round! Indeed, each ray that strikes your skin creates serotonin and vitamin D, which are responsible for your good mood and well-being.

The good solution? Go out to take a break on the terrace or to go for a run whenever the sun comes up. Please note that sun protection is necessary all year round!

Change gym / or sport.


The balance sheet at the end of the summer? You have taken a break of at least a month from your sports routine. Or you’ve never had a workout routine, and you’re going to have to get into it at the end of vacation.

The goal? Find a new motivation to start the new school year on the right foot. The advantage? Those who say back to school often say the open rooms and new trendy practices to discover.

The good solution? Do trial lessons at Cluster, Episod, or CMG to discover the activity that suits you best. Do not hesitate to find a sports partner!

Learning to let go: meditation


The balance sheet at the end of the summer? Just before resuming, you can’t help but be stressed about the work ahead of you. You who thought you had managed to disconnect…

The goal? Succeed in letting go despite the stress of the start of the school year and the hundreds of emails that await you. In short, make time for yourself, even a few minutes, during the day.

The good solution? Meditation! Alone if you already know the practice or using an application like Miracle Morning or Petit Bambou for beginners.