Aerobic Weight Loss

Aquagym exercises to lose weight

Aquagym exercises to lose weight

The objective of the year: to refine. Which sport to choose to reach your goal? You find running too difficult and swimming too lonely. Opt for aquagym, ideal for gently sculpting your body.

Refine your legs 

The benefits of aquagym are numerous for your figure. To refine your legs, put your hands on the edge of the pool (in a shallow depth), keep your back straight, raise your leg laterally and make large circles, about fifteen in one direction, then fifteen in the other. Then switch legs.

To refine both your legs and your hips, hold the edge of the pool with your right hand, then, with your left leg stretched, chain forward, backward and sideways movements. Be sure to keep your back straight during the exercise. We perform between 20 and 30 movements; then we move on to the other leg.

Draw your abs

Lie on your back on the surface of the water and bring a board that you hold at arm’s length. Kick your legs while keeping your head in line with your body. Chain the lengths are keeping the navel out of the water.

For this exercise, you will need two foam fries that you will place under your arms. With your body in a vertical position, you gently lift your legs horizontally, and you feel your abs working!

Strengthen your glutes

Stand facing the pool’s edge, put your hands on the edge, then raise one leg back, keeping it straight. Be careful not to arch your back. Perform about fifteen movements, then change legs.

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Reduce saddlebags

Sit on the ladder, hold on to the bars firmly, and pedal for about ten minutes.

Refine the size

Position yourself at a point in the pool where the water comes up to your chest. Hold onto the pool’s edge with one hand, making sure to keep your back straight. Raise the leg sideways and lower it gently. Your hips and upper thighs will also work.

Don’t forget that to get thinner; you have to combine your sports activity with a balanced diet!